Natural Remedies to Improve Eye Sight with Saffron

Saffron is known to most people as a culinary herb, imparting a rich flavor to risotto and rice dishes, soups, warming drinks and many other dishes. It comes from the stamins of the saffron flower, a type of crocus that grows in the mid-East. Saffron contains the carotenoids crocin and crocetin which, like other carotenoids, are powerful antioxidants. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine holds that saffron is one spice that pacifies all three doshas - vata (air, movement), pitta (fire, metabolism), and kapha (water/earth, structure). As such it is a lovely addition to bedtime hot milk since it soothes imbalances that can keep you awake. A number of research studies in recent years have been report

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