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7 Saffron Health Benefits for Pregnant Women

The great thing is that saffron provides a slew of benefits, including:

1) Aids in Digestion: Saffron is known to aid in digestion. Women who often suffer from stomach issues while pregnant have found that saffron helps alleviate these digestive issues. In this case saffron allows women to be far more comfortable and sleep better at night, too.

2) Stops Mood Swings: No one likes mood swings. No matter what you do, it can be difficult to go against nature and all of the hormones filling your body. Women are out of control of their mood swings when they’re pregnant, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t help ready and waiting for them. Saffron works as an antidepressant and has been shown to help increase a person’s mood.Blood pressure conceptual meter indicate sky high.

3) Manage Blood Pressure: Your heart rate will increase by 25% when pregnant while there will be 40% – 90% more blood pumped through the body. Blood pressure issues can occur, and while these issues aren’t always a concern, they can be when they go unchecked. Saffron contains both crocetin and potassium, both of which are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure.

4) Alleviates Cramps: Cramps are not fun, and you’ll suffer from them the entire time you’re pregnant. I am not sure why women don’t eat saffron when they have cramps – it helps a lot. When eaten in small doses, saffron has shown to soothe cramps and act as an anti-spasmodic and a painkiller.

5) Calm Morning Sickness: This is an anecdotal benefit, but a lot of women will add saffron to their morning tea. This is said to help alleviate the morning sickness of the drinker and helps to combat dizzy spells and nausea. It’s important to research the tea you’ll be drinking first to ensure that you’re drinking one that is both safe and healthy.

6) Aids in a Better Sleep: Everyone wants to sleep better at night. And when you’re crampy and in pain, it can be impossible to have a good night of sleep. Many women have found that their sleep quality improves when they drink saffron milk. The mild sedative properties will work to relax mom-to-be and will promote sleep.

7) Increase Iron Levels: Your body needs iron to remain healthy. Since you’re now eating for two, it’s even more important to have additional iron in your diet. A great way to get extra iron is to eat saffron. Optimal results are experienced when eating saffron with an iron-rich food, and since it’s packed with iron, it will help boost your hemoglobin levels quickly, too.

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