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  Online Nuts and Spices Make Perfect Companions For Our Online Saffron

Just as man can not live by bread alone, cooks cannot cook with saffron alone. A little goes a long way and when you combine it with other spices you can create your own uniquely delicious flavor. But do yourself a favor and write down the specific spices and proportions because, take our word for it, you're going to want to recreate the blend. And don't forget to make a list of any spices you're running low on so you can include them the next time you buy spices online at your favorite online nut and spice shop.

One popular dish we recommend is saffron rice pilaf made with chicken, spices, cashews, various types of dried fruit, and of course a few threads of saffron. And whether you're a vegetarian, a vegan, or a Paleo carnivore, you're going to want to make pulled oats paella a staple of your meal repertoire. Easy and quick to make after a long day at work, all it requires is cooking rice with a few stigmas of saffron, folding in a mix of your favorite sauteed veggies, and adding the plant-based substitute of your choice, be it tofu, seitan, tempeh, or edamame. And if you're wondering about out use of the word stigma, no it's not in the sense of saffron carrying an air of disgrace, it's just that sigma also means pistil, the part of the plant that receives pollen, and since saffron is harvested from the pistil of the crocus sativus flower, the word stigma is interchangeable with thread.

Not only are meals made with saffron, protein, nuts, and spices easy to make, their ingredients are easy to buy. Of course you can buy premium saffron from us at our online saffron shop, and you can buy spices online, along with nuts from the online nut and spice shop of your choice.

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