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Saffron Health Benefits

  Cooking With Saffron is the Healthy Thing to Do

Saffron is known for its brilliant orange hue, its aromatic pungency, and it's unique flavor, part earthy, part bittersweet, but what is not as well known are the many saffron health benefits. Saffron is not a new spice. Hand cultivated and derived from the flower of the crocus sativus plant, its use is said to date back 3,500 years. The ancient Greeks revered crocus and believed that it enhanced mood, boosted libido, and improved memory. Back then, no one knew about antioxidants but today, while we don't revere saffron, we do revere antioxidants. And saffron contains an impressive quantity of plant-derived antioxidants. These chemical compounds make saffron one of the healthiest spices.

Most people who eat food prepared with saffron don't even know that they are ingesting antioxidant molecules that will shield their cells from oxidative stress and harmful free radicals. Two of saffron's antioxidants, crocetin and croce, the two that give it its rich red-orange color, are believed to possess anti-depressant qualities and the power to protect the brain from progressive damage. As if that weren't enough, research has shown that a third antioxidant, safronal, the one responsible for its distinctive aroma and taste, can improve mood, memory, and increase learning ability. So the Greeks had it right all those years ago! But wait there's more.A fourth antioxidant, kaempferol is believed to give saffron health benefits like cancer protection and reduced inflammation.

These are but a few of the reasons that cooking with salmon is not only delicious, but healthy. Speaking of delicious and healthy, our website lists many other saffron health benefits; and if you check out our blog you will find 12 delicious easy-to-make recipes that call for saffron.

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