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Online Saffron Shop

  Certified Selected Grade Premium Saffron at Your Fingertips

Saffron is one of the most exotic spices in the world, but you need not travel far to buy premium saffron. In fact you need not step foot out of your house. All it takes is a trip to your computer to visit our online saffron shop. Since saffron is not an everyday ingredient in recipes here in the U.S., not every store stocks it, so it can be hard to find, often requiring a trip to a gourmet specialty shop or an out-of-the-way ethnic grocery store, That is why our family, sensing a niche to be filled, decided to import premium quality saffron, Being back in 1981, our only option was to sell locally, or through mail order. But then, computers revolutionized the world, and we took a giant leap into the future by launching an online saffron shop. Now while calling anything premium denotes the highest quality, to say our saffron is premium actually sells it short. Gathering of Saffron, the saffron we import from Spain, has been certified Selected Grade, which takes it a step beyond premium, elevating it to prestigious.

Exotic and ancient, cooks from Marrakesh to Madrid, Mumbai to Manhattan use the bright orange threads of this 3,500 year old spice to flavor and color their specialty recipes. Known for its rich perfumed smell and eye-popping color, saffron also contains plant-derived chemical compounds that add health benefits to recipes, gives home based cooks yet another reason to include this prized exotic ingredient in recipes they create in their own kitchens, at their own stoves.

So whether you're replenishing your cabinet supply, or trying saffron for the first time, a virtual trip to our online saffron shop is a quick, convenient, time-saving way to buy premium saffron and have it delivered to your door. And best of all, it can be done any time of day or night.

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