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Saffron for better skin? Yes, really!

Saffron, apart from being used as a delicate flavoring agent in dishes, it was also used in herbal medicine in some countries. It has antimutagenic, antihypertensive, antitussive, cytotoxic, anticonvulsant, and many other beneficial effects on the body when ingested. Saffron is also known to improve memory and learning skills. Its benefits for the skin were also realized and natural medicine specialists started adding it to face packs and topical creams

Here are the benefits of saffron for the skin –

  • It was shown that saffron moisturizes the skin when used as an extract in a topical cream formulation.

  • It works as an antisolar agent, wherein, it absorbs the UV rays and protects the skin from sun damage.

  • Its active carotenoids, such as crocetin, exhibit antioxidant and antinociceptive properties. These properties will help the skin to maintain optimum health and appear youthful.

  • Saffron also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin irritation, rashes, and swelling.

These little dried stalks pack a powerful punch when it comes to benefits for the skin, and they are rightly included in skincare routines. Young-looking, hydrated, and glowing skin are a few benefits of using this spice.

Saffron & Honey Face Pack for brighter looking skin

You Will Need

  • 1 tablespoon honey

  • 2-3 saffron strands

What You Have To Do

  1. Mix honey with the saffron strands.

  2. Massage the facial skin with this using upward circular motions.

  3. Leave the saffron-honey mixture on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water.

How Often You Should Do This

Apply this once in every 2-3 days.

Why This Works

The antioxidants present in honey can help you to get rid of blemishes, dark spots, and scars from your skin. Honey also helps to lock the moisture into the skin.

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